5 Best Cooking Apps to Make Mealtimes Manageable

Everybody loves to cook and eat something new at home. It’s an important life skill. But did you know about there are a bunch of best cooking apps out there that can improve our cooking in the kitchen?

We carry our smartphones everywhere, even to everywhere. 😀 So why not to the kitchen?

You browse, you watching, you reading and simply you can learn and improve your capabilities to cook using your smartphone. When you’re learning recipes from a mobile app, that should be the right app for you.

The reason is the app market comes with thousands of premium and free cooking apps. If you’re unsure where to start or you’re trying to sharpen your skills, you should choose the right app for that.

Let’s get into the app list to learn something new and cook delicious meals. Don’t forget to have fun!

1. SideChef

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SideChef App

This app provides step-by-step how-to videos for home cooks in different kinds of experience levels. This app is a great place to get started as a beginner and you can start browsing their library of 16,000+ recipes today onwards!

It’s just not only a cooking app. They have creative features like meal planner and shopping list for a simplified grocery store experience. So, If you’re looking for an app for recipes, meal planning, and food budgeting, this may right for you!

2. Tasty

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Tasty Best Cooking Apps

Tasty becomes popular with step-by-step video clips on how to cook every single recipe. The best part is if you’re a vegetarian, no worries! 🙂 You can simply personalize the app to automatically hide all recipes with meat.

Tasty delivers over 3,000 recipes that you can access This app also includes written instructions in those videos as well so that you know exactly what to do. The list provides you every ingredient that is being used to prepare your meal so tasty!

If you want to cook later, simply you can save your favorite recipes within the app, and the app is free to use.


Get it on Android/iOS/Web

Best Cooking Apps: Yummly Recipes

Yummly is one of another great cooking app to follow great recipes. Additionally, this app includes a shopping list or a grocery list for your easy use.

This app comes over 2 million + recipes from recipe recommendations, handy tools, and helpful videos. You can find something that you would like to prepare by ingredient, diet, allergy, nutrition, meal, or sources and more. And Yummly will always deliver mouth-watering results.

Because Yummly has very own recipes and fuel many other recipes come from Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Food52 to small blogs.

💡 USEFUL TIP: If you’re really passionate about cooking, just start a blog and publish your recipes to the rest of the world with your own blog. That would help you to gain a new passive income.

4. Kitchen Stories

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Kitchen Stories App

Another one of the best cooking apps inspired by thousands of free recipes. As a beginner, you can refer to instructional videos and articles about cooking and baking. Moreover, you can publish your own recipes to share with its community of home cooks.

However, this app doesn’t come with only recipes, various tips and cooking-related articles are also available because of the community. Mainly the design of this app is seemly nice and easy to handle. That will helps you to find your preferred recipes from breakfast to dinner!

5. Allrecipes

Get it on Android/iOS/Web


Allrecipes is a most popular food-focused social app with a community of more than 30 million home cooks. So, that means there is a huge community that helping cooks discover and share.

Allrecipes has categorized recipes according to various criteria into different sections. All recipes posted by the members of the app and you can find detailed up to date step-by-step videos and useful tips. If you’re looking for rather than pictures and videos, you can simply see how good people taste about the recipe to prepare them even tastier.

Choosing one of the Best Cooking Apps

As you can see above, there are a lot of best cooking apps available for your smartphone from various features. All these apps are user-friendly and easy to learn at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for cooking recipes, meal planners, or something list to buy at the store, you can pick one of the best apps right for you!

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Do you have another best cooking app not listed above? Let us know what it is in the comments section below, it may help another reader just like you!

Best Cooking Apps
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