How to Auto-Share Your Old WordPress Posts

In the modern world, everyone uses social media to grow their online presence. When we came to a blogger’s life, Sometimes it difficult to manage every blog post updating and sharing it with social platforms. If it’s worked automatically to share your old WordPress posts with social media? Day-by-day? or once a week?

It’s much easier than you think. I have recently left scheduling and move to a WordPress plugin to do it quickly.

It’s called Revive Old Posts, a WordPress plugin.

When we create an auto-share cycle for a particular time, the plugin will start posting your old WordPress posts automatically to your social profiles. And we nothing have to worry about going social profile lonely.

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Revive Old Posts or ROP is a must-have WordPress plugin for every blogger that can help to boost their blog traffic and grow their social media followers without giving them a lost-minded message.

How does it feel your followers feel you have recently not updated your Facebook page? And why they are still following it? a blank page?

Once you get this free plugin on your WordPress blog, you can add your Facebook Page and Twitter as your social media networks.

But if you wish to add your all social accounts including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr, you just required the PRO version of Revive Old Posts plugin.

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How to Configure Revive Old Posts

However, in my way, I’m using it for Facebook, and it’s just helping me to never lost one or two readers on Facebook. It keeps auto-sharing my old WordPress posts every day.

Let’s figure out how to configure it to share old WordPress posts easily!

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins
  2. Click on Add New and Search for “Revive Old Posts”.
  3. Install and Activate it.

Once it’s get activated, open its dashboard to configure your social accounts.

Connect Facebook to Revive Old Posts

Now, you have to get into a process to connect your Facebook page to your website. It may sound tech-heavy. But the plugin guides you to everything that you need to do. They have made the process much simpler!

Just click the “Sign in to Facebook” button and follow this Revive Social Docs to do it much easier.

Also, it same as for Twitter and other social accounts if you go with the plugin’s PRO version But, keep in mind to follow the guide provided by the plugin authors here.

Once you configure the plugin correctly with above docs, you can start the setup for the sharing process that you need.

Go to Plugin dashboard > General to set up interval between shares, post page, post count to get shared on your social account.

Interval between Old WordPress Posts shares

Once you set them, click “Start sharing” to start the sharing circle that you created. You can use Sharing Logs to find how it works on times you have choose for sharing!

How to Auto-Share Your Old WordPress Posts 2

Revive Old Posts really awesome WordPress plugin for me, and its pro version may offer bunch of features. It’s may surely help you to grow your social media traffic to your blog, doing nothing!

I hope that will helps you much more to keep engaged with your social followers smartly. So, if you want to another blogger like you, keep sharing this post for Facebook and Twitter!

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