Astra WordPress Theme Review (2022)

Astra WordPress Theme is one of the best free themes available for WordPress websites.

It’s free to install and run on every kind of WordPress website to improve the performance with easy customization options.

The best part is, it comes with hundreds of professionally pre-designed websites for every industry, which is super easy for non-techies to build their website or blog without any hassle.

Astra WordPress Theme 2020

I have used the Astra theme for different kinds of websites, such as blogs, eCommerce, business, industries like Interior, etc.

If you’re thinking about getting a WordPress theme for your new website or want to change them on your current, Astra can cross them all!

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1. Super Fast Performance

Your website must be user-friendly to access it from anywhere in any condition. The main part is site speed. Astra is the most lightweight theme available in the market.

The main reason is it only needs less than 50 KB of resources and the other WordPress themes require at least 300 KBs as for its resources.

According to their performance tests, it loads in less than a half-second, which means just 0.5 seconds!

Moreover, Astra WordPress Theme uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of using jQuery. Here’s how it performed with popular speed test websites,

WordPress Theme Speed

It’s better for eCommerce websites and personal blogs for a better user experience. If your site loads faster, users will addict to stay more and more with it.

2. Largest Library of Pre-Built Websites

Why are you stopping building your website if you don’t have any technical skills?

Don’t worry!

Everything is much easier on the Internet nowadays. If you think of building a professional website representing your business or anything, Astra can theme it for you!

Astra has made a place for gorgeous websites created with Astra and various Page Builders. It’s just not one page. It’s a fully pre-built website that you can import to your WordPress with all of the pages you need in your industry.

Pre Build Websites for Page Builders

Once you import one of these, you can customize them as you want with your preferred page builder like Elementor.

This feature is available with 20+ Free Starter Sites in the Astra PRO addon which is starts at $59 for unlimited website usage.

3. Easy Customizations

Astra offers a wide range of customization options that we need to code through other themes (or using plugins).

Mostly Astra has layout settings for website container, header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar, and footer and much more options for easy use.

Astra Features

But almost of those awesome feature comes with Astra PRO addon, and each feature is easy to set up with their customizer.

I really enjoyed their built-in header layouts, and the PRO add-on extends the possibilities and adds more features further. And you’ll no need to write a single line of code to make any customization once you get the Astra PRO addon to your site.

Surprisingly, Google Fonts are available on both free and PRO versions that you can able to use much easier. If you want to know more, Check out the Astra Free VS Pro feature-wise comparison for better understanding!

Moreover, if you’re using Elementor, Astra offers another unique Elementor widgets plugin to add more functionality and flexibility to your site.

4. SEO Friendly

As I mentioned above, Astra will be compatible with any website you have. When we come to SEO, Astra makes it more comfortable with its customization options.

The main reasons to choose Astra is:

  • Fast performance
  • Last updated functionality
  • Built-in AMP compatibility
  • Optimized header tag structure
  • Built-in schema markup

Those are already built-in with Astra, and It’s compatible with Yoast SEO. So you won’t need to worry about your SEO results again and again. (learn more.)

Astra offers another plugin called Schema Pro to stand out even more in Google search results. That will also help you to give your website an extra SEO boost related to your website content.

5. WooCommerce Ready

Astra is cleanly ready to beat the competition. In my experience, it’s perfect for eCommerce sites made with WooCommerce.

Here are major reasons for that:

  • Dropdown cart
  • Grid settings
  • Infinity scroll
  • Off-canvas sidebar
  • Quick view for buying
  • Checkout options and more.

The best part is the quick view and dropdown cart features will enhance the customer experience without navigating them to a new page loading. That will helps to make more sales without wasting the customer’s time!

Is Astra WordPress Theme Worth the Price?

The Astra WordPress Theme is FREE to use on any website, but if you want to make it more functional with more user experienceable, the Astra PRO addon is much valuable.

Commonly most of the theme comes with prices ranges at $70- to $100, but Astra priced at $59 and fits for every total beginner. And Astra theme developers always looking to help with one-to-one support for their Astra PRO customers.

Finally, Astra is a perfect theme for beginners having no coding required. There are no more words, I highly recommend Astra for beginners to start their online presence without struggling anywhere!

Astra WordPress Theme Review
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