10 Best AppSumo Deals for Digital Marketers (2021)

Looking for the top AppSumo deals to power up your business?

When it comes to choosing the right tools that meet your starting budget, most of them are quite not affordable for beginner digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Thanks to AppSumo, now we’ll be able to procure amazing deals on popular business tools such as Rytr, StockUnlimited, and many others. In AppSumo’s words, you’ll never have to pay full price for business software again.

In this article, I’ve rounded up the top 10 AppSumo deals for digital marketers offering in October 2021 which are currently live.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a marketplace that offers software deals made up for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, small business owners, and bloggers. They have partnered with people and the hottest tech companies who make the coolest software out there and offer you exclusive deals at affordable prices.

What is AppSumo?

The best thing is, most AppSumo deals are lifetime offers, which means that you’ll get lifetime access to a premium version of digital tools and software without ever paying for it again.

That sounds like huge savings for you, right?

 How AppSumo Works

They have deals in various categories and the collection section helps you to find out what’s hot and ending soon deals as well.

Disclosure: This free article contains some affiliate links. If you purchase any service through one of these links we may earn a small commission, this is at no extra cost to you.

Best AppSumo Deals for 2021

Each deal comes with a fixed time or a set number of buys. After which it reaches those numbers, the deal will inactive. So, it’s always better to hurry if you want to get massive savings.

Here’s the list of the 10 best AppSumo deals in detail for digital marketers that makes AppSumo so great!

1. Ranktracker


Ranktracker is a perfect all-in-one tool for both new and experienced online marketers. It’s an easy way to research, track and monitor search engine ranking in one place. Simply, a straightforward alternative to Semrush.

You can start with its Keyword Finder tool, which allows anyone to discover new keyword opportunities and research their competition in a matter of minutes. The best part is, it comes with actionable SEO tasks for your site, so you’re ready to boost the search engine rankings.

The Ranktracker dashboard allows you to see important SEO metrics – like your website’s average positions, and the amount of traffic you’re getting. It also has a website audit tool that can scan your site and helps you identify problems that could hurt your rankings. You can get the Ranktracker lifetime deal for $49 at AppSumo.

2. Typedesk


Typedesk is an easy-to-use tool that lets you create, customize, and organize pre-written responses to saving time on repetitive typing. This would be a great tool for content creators, customer support teams, and sales teams to interact across the internet fast.

If you’re replying to too many emails, chatting with clients, or an owner of a large or a small business, Typedesk will help you provide faster and more steady responses for your customers and clients.

This amazing tool is working almost everywhere including Chrome, Gmail, Facebook, Slack, Zendesk, Linkedin, so your team can save tons of time. You can grab the Typedesk lifetime deal for $59 at AppSumo.

3. Getscreen.me


Getscreen.me is a cloud-based web service that allows you to remote access all your devices including any Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. The best part is, this could be a great alternative for TeamViewer.

This tool also allows employees to remain productive when they are away from their desks, and it allows customers to resolve technical issues if they cannot get to the business location.

You can invite your customers via a quick direct link. It doesn’t make your clients complicated and also supports simultaneous connections to assist multiple clients. You can get lifetime access to Getscreen.me for $99 at AppSumo.

4. Rytr

Rytr - AI writing assistant tool

Rytr is a smart AI (artificial intelligence) powered writing assistant that helps you write like a pro. It’s a powerful tool for creating wide-reaching copies in 25+ languages and tones without breaking your bank. With Rytr, you can write faster than ever before – as fast as you want.

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to deal with high-quality copies for emails, blogs, ads, and social media, then look no further than Rytr.

There are many tools and software when it comes to writing content, but why not choose an AI writing assistant tool that can write for you? You can grab the Rytr lifetime deal for $39 at AppSumo.

5. SleekBio

Sleek Bio Appsumo

SleekBio is a creative tool that lets you create a quick bio link that tells potential users about you.

Your social media bio is the first thing that potential customers see on your profile when they search for you, so it should be done well. It contains a lot of information about you, including what positions you hold and what specific topics you touch on regularly.

Like other Bio link tools in the market, this tool allows you to add links, social profiles, embed content, and page customization options to make it more appealing. And the coolest thing is you can get lifetime access to this tool for $19 at AppSumo.

6. SendFox

SendFox Email Marketing Tool Deal

SendFox is an email marketing tool made up for bloggers and content creators that lets them compose and send customized emails.

If you’re a new blogger or maybe having a good going blog, you may be thinking to create simple, beautiful, and effective emails within a minimal email marketing pricing plan.

With SendFox 3-year deal at AppSumo, you can create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails, without spending more money. You can get the SendFox lifetime deal for $49 at AppSumo.

7. StockUnlimited

10 Best AppSumo Deals for Digital Marketers (2021) 1

StockUnlimited a huge library of high-quality stock images, graphics, icons, audio, and more. With this library, you can find beautiful photos to include in your blog posts and create stunning visual content to promote them.

In addition, if you need to customize and create something that’s uniquely for you and StockUnlimited Editor helps you to edit images without downloading them to your PC.

You can get StockUnlimited 3-year deal for $49 at AppSumo. This comes with a Standard License for content, which allows you to use their content for personal as well as business and commercial purposes.

8. TidyCal


TidyCal is an online scheduling tool that lets your clients pick the time to hear from you. It’s been built to make manageable meetings with clients, co-workers, or other customers. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to book appointments that work for everyone.

With this simple tool, you can create bookings pages and quickly share them via a link or embed them on your website. You can also customize your own booking page with basic choices at any time till you’re happy with it. You can get the Tidycal lifetime deal for $29 at AppSumo.

9. FlexClip


FlexClip is a simple online video editor that will turn your ideas into perfect videos, even if you’ve never edited a video before.

Editing videos can be a time-consuming task. That’s why FlexClip was created to make simple editing tasks super-easy. With FlexClip, you can trim video, add background music, and make edits in real-time without any hassle.

It’s well-suited for both beginners and experienced video makers, giving you the ability to create high-quality videos in a matter of minutes using stock media, music, overlays, elements, and more. You’ll be able to get the FlexClip lifetime deal for $49 at AppSumo.

10. Screpy


Screpy is an all-In-one SEO toolset for SEO Monitoring, Tracking Keywords, Page Speed Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, and more.

In today’s competitive market, SEO is a competitive field, and finding the best SEO tools can be a difficult task. Especially when there are thousands of different tools available. This toolset makes it even easier to take action to improve the SEO score and health of your website.

The best thing is this will offer you Auto-Generated Tasks, so you don’t need to be an SEO professional to boost your website rankings. You can get the Screpy lifetime deal for $49 at AppSumo.

Grab Them Before They Disappear

There you go! I’ve rounded up the best AppSumo deals ever which are most suitable for bloggers and also beginner bloggers.

AppSumo is doing really well by offering huge savings on favorite tools and Softwares. The lifetime deals are the shining part of all of them and you can get notified of new deals every week with AppSumo’s newsletter.

Meanwhile, you can also browse all the live deals at AppSumo.

Most of the AppSumo discounts mentioned in this article provide you huge savings. And there are lots of new and popular tools are available choose from AppSumo that help you save more on your favorite tools.

What is the best deal you’ve got from AppSumo? Feel free to share your thoughts below and tell us your experience!

Happy savings!

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