How to Use Android Messages on PC (Step-by-Step)

Wondering about how to use Android Messages on PC?

You can send SMS from the computer and receive SMS from either device easily. Thanks to Android Messages Web, it’s possible to send a text message from the Computer by paring your android device just in seconds.

Once you set up everything that seems okay, you can stay in touch with friends and family without having continuously picked up your phone while you work on a PC.

Set up Android Messages on PC

You should need an internet connection on both phone and PC to use Messages web. Also, you may get charged for mobile data if you use your phone. or, connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network.

Set up Android Messages on PC
  1. Go to
  2. Open Messages app (SMS app) on your Android device. (It’s a default app for pure Android devices. If not, get Google Messages app from Google Play Store to your android device.)
  3. Tap More icon (triple dots in the right upper corner) and select ‘Messages for web‘ on your phone.
  4. Scan the code displaying on your PC with your phone.
  5. Wait for sync and you’ll able to send or receive SMS from your PC.

Send SMS from PC

After your setup Android Messages Web correctly, you’ll see the messages are synced well with your pc. Now it’s possible to send you anyone in your Google contacts easily.

How to Use Android Messages on PC (Step-by-Step) 1

If you want to send new messages to someone follow these steps,

  1. Click on ‘Start chat‘ and choose your contact from your Google Contact list.
  2. Type your message just like on your phone and click ‘Send‘.
  3. Don’t forget to enable browser notifications, When it’s prompt on web browser to click ‘allow‘.

That’s it! now you can send receive SMS from pc easily. If you were want to mute anyone, just click on the bell icon right upper corner.

You can signout on PC simply click on More icon(triple dots on left corner) and choosing ‘Sign out’ option. Moreover, if you forget to sign out from PC, use the Message app on your phone and remove ‘Singed in computers‘ from ‘Messages for web‘. Also, don’t forget to read about the new Gallery Go: Google Photos Alternative For Android Users.

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