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Introduction to TalkBitz

Hi, I’m Minosh Wijayarathne. I started this tech blog (A Personal Blog) named “TalkBitz” in December 2018 to help techie beginners. Now, it’s serving technology contents to users who lived everywhere in the world. Currently, It has 100-200 daily visitors having engaged with love!

TalkBitz is a place to share every kind of facts and information related to blogging, internet, social media, marketing, and utilities for every total beginner!

This website focuses on the following categories:

  1. Blogging
  2. Internet
  3. Social Media
  4. Make Money Online
  5. Utilities (Apps and other)
  6. Resources & Tools for Blogging
  7. …and all other related fields

My main mission is, helping beginners to build their online presence with unique and smart guides. Mainly this blog focused on blogging and I always help others to start a blog as an online money making method to make a side hustle.

Traffic Stats

TalkBitz’z main traffic source is Pinterest. Below stats show you the monthly organic traffic from several platforms that we are always on.

TalkBitz Pinterest
Pinterest March 1-30
  • Google/Bing/Duckduckgo: 800+
  • Pinterest Traffic: 3000+
  • Facebook/Twitter: 500+

This blog is getting 7000+ average page views every month and already partnered with some big industry brands like Constant Contact, Bluehost, and Canva.

Advertisement Opportunities

TalkBitz is still growing, but, quality of standards always helps to provide a better user experience. If one of the categories met your requirements above, feel free to follow up on the following opportunities to advertise on TalkBitz.

  • 300*250 Sidebar : $15/month
  • 300*250 Sidebar floating : $20/month
  • 300*250 Before Post (Below first 2 paragraphs): $25/month
  • Link with TalkBitz: $10/one time

Payment Mode:

We can accept payments via Paypal or Payoneer transfers.

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