8 Useful Telegram Features You Must Be Using

I have been using Telegram for a long time. It’s very simple and most Telegram features save time and make my day-to-day life so much easier.

Even for my websites and my docs and everything, Telegram offers many more features rather than other Messaging apps in the same market.

However, If you’re still using WhatsApp, Viber or one of the other alternative app, you may be interested in checking out to start using Telegram instead of using a common messaging app.

But how do you feel if you want to move from your primary messaging app to another one?

If fact Telegram is kind of a big deal for me. Let’s check out what are the main awesome Telegram features that you should be using to simplify your task smartly.

1. Secret Chats

Your smartphone is the main hub of your private information. You may be sharing a lot of information with your family friends and anyone other using a messaging app.

However, Message history is the most revealing part of your phone when it comes to private information. I hope you may have some experience with it?

In fact, Telegram has solved the issue with its Secret Chat feature.
You can create secret chats that use end-to-end encryption and aren’t recorded on Telegram’s servers. Also, you can set a self-destruct timer for that chat after a certain period of time.

Also if you are using Telegram on your PC, Laptop or another device, your secret chat is only visible to your device that you started it.

2. Telegram Bots

It’s my favorite part of using Telegram. When we using digital communication, there are so many bots in various types of services. Telegram Bots can do everything from helping you to do different kinds of things that save you time.

Telegram features: Telegram Bots 2020

These bots can help you to automate and make your tasks easier to manage them while chatting with your friends. Gmail bot is one of my favorite and no need to open Gmail apps and I can reduce my notifications and stress too! And the IFTTT is a world of automation it helps me to control my home devices just within single fingertips!

3. Customize Your Telegram

Telegram offers you to create and use your own custom theme with whatever colors you want. Also, it offers many ways to customize it the way you want it to. There is nothing to pay for anything. Everything is FREE and you can create your own personalized theme with your favorite colors.

Go to Settings > Chat Settings to create your own theme.

Customize Your Telegram

You can also customize your chat background image in “Chat Background” in Chat Settings.

Moreover, Telegram has theme channels that offer premade themes for your easy use. You can find your preferred theme and click install to make it alive on your Telegram.

4. Live Location Sharing

Did you know you can share your live location with your contacts on Telegram?

It’s just simple. Open the chat and find the attachment button at the bottom of the chat. Then, click on Location and choose to “Share my live location” with your custom time period.

Also, it enables you to send the current location as well. But live location is much more valuable because it’s easy to find your friend or someone in a wide range of situations.

5. Advanced Chat Options

Telegram probably can beat other messaging apps on the same market. Telegram allows edit, deleting sent messages even for the other people on the same chat. But It’s only able to delete them in the first 48 hours after sending it.

In Telegram, you can use hashtags in your Channels and Groups. When you use a hashtag in a message, that word becomes searchable to everyone. And, channel or group users able to use the hashtag to see all the messages on that topic. Awesome right?

Moreover, as Telegram features you can able to use, replies, mentions, pinned messages, invite links and you can also add bots to your channels or groups!

6. Auto-Night Mode

Telegram also has an auto-night mode that you can use to save your eyes at night!

When you turn on that feature, the app automatically switches to dark mode. Go to Settings > Chat Settings and toggle on Auto-Night Mode.

7. Add Extra Security

If you’re using Telegram with the calls, secret chats feature, which provides end-to-end encryption for your messages, You can also be locking down the app itself with a passcode, PIN, or password automatically.

To enable this go to Settings and choose “Privacy and Security” from the list. Next, tap on “Passcode Lock” under the Security heading, then set your password lock on!

Set Telegram Pass code in Telegram features

However, with new Telegram updates, they provide two-step verification for your telegram account. That means if you want to login to telegram on another device, it’s required your two-step password to log in. You can also set up it from the Privacy and Security list as I mentioned above.

8. Telegram Cloud Service

Telegram has a cloud service that stores messages, photos, videos, and documents. You can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups.

All your normal chat media will be saved in your cloud storage. But, secret chats are not available in the cloud due to some privacy reasons.

However, Remember one thing that telegram has an upload limit of 1.5 GB per single file. It was one of the most valuable Telegram features I mostly loved.

Use Telegram Features Like a Pro User

Hopefully, I have listed enough Telegram features to help you understand why Telegram app is reliable and secure.

Telegram is really awesome for me rather than using other messaging apps for my day-to-day works. It has all the things meets my requirements.

Are you ready to use Telegram user, or are you still using it for a long time, how is your experience? Let me know your comments that will help another user to switch their own!

Telegram Features
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