8 Facebook Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know

How many Facebook features you’re using daily? Are there any Facebook hidden features?

When we are using any social media platform, we can see many different features. Likewise, there are some hidden Facebook features you probably don’t know.

Unfortunately, It’s hard to find, and most of us don’t care about how to use those awesome extra Facebook features.

Here are 8 awesome Facebook hidden features you should try out in 2020!

1. See Who’s logged to Your Account

If you think someone has logged into your Facebook account without your permission, you can check that from your account settings through simple clicks. Mostly Facebook will notify you of the new logins via notification, messenger, or email.

See Who’s logged to Your Facebook Account

First, Go to the Settings page and switch to the “Security and Login” tab. Here you can find the already active logins under “Where You’re Logged In“. It will provide you with the data on the location, browser, and device. After you reviewed your devices, you can log out that all other devices click in on “Log Out Of All Sessions“. Also, you can remove one by one.

2. Download a Copy of All Your Facebook Data

Did you know? You can download every post, image, video, and chat conversations you’ve ever posted on Facebook before.

Download a Copy of All Your Facebook Data

To use this facebook hidden features, Go to the Settings page and switch to the “Your Facebook Information” tab and click on “Download Your Information“. Then you can select and download what you want as a JSON or HTML file. It takes some time to proceed after your request. Refer to this article to learn it step by step.

3. Find All the Photos Liked by Someone

Photos liked by” one of the excellent hidden Facebook features helps you to find people who like on your posts by name, date, etc. For example, if you want to view posts that have liked by your friend, simply type, Photos liked by (enter name here) and hit enter.

Once you start typing “photos liked by” on the Facebook search box, you can see some suggestions like photos liked by me 2019, photos liked by my friends, or you can search by using one of your special friend’s names as well.

Update for 2020: The feature, “photos liked by” seems like not working anymore. But, try using the keywords (with matching words) to find what you are looking for on Facebook and you can use filters to narrow your search result. If not, you can head over to Facebook support to ask for a solution.

4. Choose Someone to Look After Your Account After You Pass Away

Facebook allows you to name a legacy contact who will manage your account after you pass away. The legacy contact can write a tribute post for your profile, respond to new friend requests, or update your profile as well.

If you don’t want a Facebook account after you pass away, you can request to permanently deleted without choosing a legacy contact.

Facebook Memorialization Settings

Go to Settings > General > Memorialization Settings. Here you can choose a friend for your Legacy Contact.

If you want your account deleted after your death, you have to choose the “Request account deletion” option to proceed with your request.

5. See All The Friends You Requested

Facebook will keep tracking of every friend request ignored or deleted send by you. It’s simple to see.

Click the Friend Requests icon on the top of the Facebook page and navigate to “Find Friends“. Here you can see the “View Sent Requests” option, click on it and view your requests.

6. Turn Off Autoplay Videos

Most users on Facebook hate it when it starts playing the video automatically without clicking on it. I also hate that Facebook features because that will consume mobile/wifi data fastly.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook

Go to Settings > Videos and set Auto-Play Videos to Off. It will also turn off auto-play on your mobile devices.

7. Change Your Ad Preferences

They will be showing its ads based on what you interested in on Facebook. Maybe, when you liked some of brands or celebrities, Facebook will get it as your interests.

To change your ads preferences, go to Settings > Ads > Your Interests. Here you can remove an interest simply by hitting on the “X” icon. Under the “Advertisers” tab, you’ll able to change all the advertisers as you want.

8. Save Posts for Later

Do you need one of the posts to read or see later? With this feature, you can save any post, video, or link to view them as you need without searching on Facebook again.

When you see the post, Click on triple dots on the right top of the post and choose Save Post/Link/Video option. It will save your post on Facebook. This method samely works on mobile versions of Facebook. You can see the Saved folder under the left side menu on Facebook Home.

Facebook Hidden Features
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20 thoughts on “8 Facebook Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know”

  1. Thanks, Minosh, these are really helpful tips and half of them didn’t even know they existed :O
    Number one is also very useful if you suspect that someone stole your login details or you forgot to log out from a public account.

    Thanks for sharing. Isa

  2. Surprisingly, I knew about most of these features and have used a few of them in our marketing efforts. —For instance, I found out that when I think somebody else’s post has the potential to be really popular, I share it onto one of our business pages. That way, when someone who likes it—and has not previously liked our business page—can be invited to like (after I check the list of those that have liked). (—I used to ALWAYS buy an ad to get more likes quicker, so in the long run, this helps engage our followers while saving us as money.). Thanks for sharing valuable info.

  3. Hi Minosh,

    The option, “photos liked by (enter name here) ” isn’t working. In fact this option hasn’t been working for nearly three months 😬. Please check it out. Thanks.

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thanks for letting me know about that! I wrote this post on February 19th. Still, all of these worked fine. I saw a thread on Help Community on Facebook about that issue. Make sure to set English as your default and try it again or report the problem to Facebook with a screenshot here.

      1. Hi Minosh,

        Thank you for your prompt reply.
        In fact, I reported the problem for quite a couple of times and haven’t received any response from facebook yet.

        Hence, it will be highly appreciative if you could drop fb a msg as well. Moreover, please do try to check on that option once again as its not working now

  4. These are some great features. The legacy contact is one more people really need to explore and use. I’m going to check out the friend request tip right now. I’ve always wanted to know if I have a bunch of requests out there 🙂

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