5 Common Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them

Instagram still not only a photo-sharing platform. Now it’s transformed into a full social media platform with in-built instant messaging, video services, stories, and more. However, Instagram has some common annoying issues (not faults) that they still not fixed. Thankfully, people have developed new backgrounds to avoid these issues.

In this article, I’ll help you with some common annoying Instagram issues and guide you on how to fix them easily.

Let’s move on!

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1. Adding Line Breaks in Instagram Captions

5 Common Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them 1

This is not a simple issue for me, you cannot insert line breaks in captions to show up the captions clearly. Most of the people trying to sort this by typing dots and dashes to separate between paragraphs. But, it’s not perfect, there is a cleaner way to do it simply.

There are apps like Insta-space is an Instagram caption generator, lets you create line breaks easily. With this, you just need to paste or type the caption as you want with normal line breaks and click “Convert” to generate automatically format to use it on Instagram.

I think it just uses invisible symbols to make line breaks perfectly. Finally, Copy-paste the result on Instagram and you’re all set with the caption. Also, Insta-Space has mobile apps and a web app.

Download: Insta-space for Android | iOS (Free)

Use: Insta-space web app

2. Sending Direct Instagram Messages on Desktop

5 Common Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them 2

This is a kind of desktop app that can be used for sending direct messages through Instagram. IG:dm is an open-source free app for Instagram DMs with a basic interface where you can view and reply to your Instagram conversations easily login with your Instagram account.

Additionally, this app has features like disabling the “Seen” receipts and to view which users don’t follow you back. Surprisingly, this app allows you to send image files and emojis. I think this is very suitable for Instagram business account users and Instagram influencers marketing users who want to manage their accounts by desktop.

IG:dm available to install on Mac, Windows, and Linux and you need to sign in from your primary Instagram account to use it.

Download: IG:dm (Free)

3. Adding Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

5 Common Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them 3

You can’t add multiple links in Instagram Bio, only have a single link in your bio. Also, You when you place in your captions won’t be clickable. But with Linktree, you can able to add multiple links through the common single URL to add on Bio.

It’s simple and easy to set up and you can customize as you like with free themes. When someone clicked on your single bio link like “linktr.ee/talkbitz” they will redirect to your Linktree bio link list. Also, Linktree offering you a PRO plan costs at $6USD/month including more themes and email features.

Use: Linktree

4. Upload Images to Instagram from PC

Upload Images to Instagram from PC

Instagram is a mobile-first social network and still, they don’t allow to upload an image on its website. So, it’s hard to find user-friendly service that has access to post from PC to Instagram. But, most of the scheduling services allow you to do this on PC. However, it can be complicated.

Also, people are trying to use Instagram by resizing the browser as a mobile view, but it’s not given access to upload images. Now it’s not a valid solution for PC uploads.

The browser called “Vivaldi” comes with an awesome utility, lets you pin mobile versions of websites on its sidebar. So, once you set up Instagram as one of the sidebar panels, it will render the Instagram’s progressive web app itself. Now you can upload images to Instagram as on your mobile simply. Unfortunately, It’s only available for Windows PCs.

Download: Vivaldi browser

5. Downloading Photos or Videos from Instagram

There are lots of mobile apps that came from the Google play store and Apps store to download Instagram images and videos. All of these apps are worked, but you have to install those apps and it uses some storage on your mobile.

5 Common Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them 4

With DownloadGram, you can instantly download a picture or video from Instagram and IGTV. It has a simple interface without ads. You just need to paste the Instagram image or video link and hit the download button to download the file. Its simple responsive layout, works with both mobile and PC browsers perfectly.

Use: DownloadGram

Use Instagram with New Features

By using these third-party tools, you should be able to avoid the most annoying Instagram issues in smart ways. But, I think Instagram will fix these issues and they will release new features as officials in the near future.

Instagram Issues
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