2 Tricky Extensions to Speed Up Google Chrome

Looking to speed up Google Chrome? an Inspiring topic, right?

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet. It’s a really awesome browser, but sometimes it will get slow with the time and devices we have.

So, we can use some tricky ways to speed up the Google chrome web browsing experience, especially on slower or weak connections.

In this post, you can find new extensions that can speed up your chrome browser by quickly loading for a faster browsing experience.

1. FasterChrome: Smart Preloading

FasterChrome-Speed Up Google Chrome by Smart Preloading

The FasterChrome extension can figure out which page you are going to click and it will start preloading it before you click on it.

It sounds weird? Here’s how it works.

This extension can track your mouse movements across the Chrome browser. Imagine you are going to click on any link. At that time, if the cursor hovers over the link for 65 milliseconds, this extension will start preloading the link before you click on it. 65 milliseconds is the point, 50% chance that you will have to click or not, so this extension starts preloading at that moment.

This awesome extension works perfectly on pages that are on the same site. But if you’re navigating to another site pages are still faster but generally not enough to be noticeable. It’s perfect for students teachers and everyone to browse such as news and educational sites.

2. McAfee Web Boost: Stop Auto-playing Videos

McAfee Web Boost: Stop Auto-playing Videos
McAfee Web Boost

Most of the websites are featuring videos that start auto-playing as soon as you visit that page. It may slow down browsing and it will also crush the chrome when you opened several tabs like them. But there doesn’t seem to be a avoid that. Thanks to this extension will become easy to fix it.

McAfee Web Boost chrome extension will speeds up Chrome browsing and help save your data and battery life by stopping annoying auto-playing videos on any site you visit. It will just be saving much of the data to watch more Youtube videos for me!

Setting Up Chrome

These 2 extensions are great for working smoothly on your desktop or laptop without any struggle. I’ve personally used these extensions for a while and those are works perfectly. However, Chrome extensions can also end up taking more CPU and RAM resources.

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Remember, all these Extensions’ performance may depend on the device’s specifics you have!

Happy web browsing!

Speed Up Google Chrome

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